Friday, September 03, 2010

A Teacher's Lament by Kalli Dakos

I’ve been retired from my elementary library position for six years. Before I worked as a school librarian, I was a classroom teacher for more than three decades. I stopped teaching a children's literature course at BU 1n 2008. Although I enjoyed my years teaching young children and college students, I have to say I love being retired! I can do whatever I want--whenever I want. I can blog, write poetry, go away on vacation, have lunch with friends when I choose to.
I thought Labor Day weekend would be a good time to post a poem about school—as many children will be heading back to class next Tuesday.

A Teacher’s Lament
by Kalli Dakos

Don’t tell me the cat ate your math sheet,
And your spelling words went down the drain,
And you couldn’t decipher your homework,
Because it was soaked in the rain.

Don’t tell me you slaved for hours
On the project that’s due today,
And you would have had it finished
If your snake hadn’t run away.

You can read the rest of the poem here.

At Wild Rose Reader, I’m still in summer mode. I have an original poem titled Toasting Marshmallows.

Susan Taylor Brown has the Poetry Friday Roundup this week.


Mary Lee said...

Kalli Dakos gets it so right--teachers need to be careful about their accusations of students because sometimes WE are the ones who need a little scolding!

Karen Edmisten said...


In a homeschool, we all know the truth about one another's excuses!