Monday, November 08, 2010

A Lotta Links from the Wild Rose

I’m sorry for not posting on Poetry Friday. I had all intentions of writing up a poetry post for Blue Rose Girls—but I felt sick on Friday. After I did my posts for Wild Rose Reader and Jonathan Turley’s blog, I had no energy left…and I went to bed. I stayed at home all weekend, ate soup, and I still feel crummy.

Today, I thought I’d provide links to the posts I did last week for Wild Rose Reader—and to some of the posts I wrote for Jonathan Turley’s blog.


As I mentioned in an earlier post at Blue Rose Girls, I’ll be presenting at two sessions at the NCTE Annual Convention in Orlando in November.

One of my sessions is titled Poets and Bloggers Unite: Using Technology to Connect Kids, Teachers, and Poetry (November 19th, Session A.09 at 9:30 am to 10:45 am). Other participants on the session panel will be bloggers Sylvia Vardell of Poetry for Children and Tricia Stohr-Hunt of The Miss Rumphius Effect—and poets Lee Bennett Hopkins, Marilyn Singer, Pat Mora, and Jame Richards. In preparation for the Poets and Bloggers Unite session, Sylvia, Tricia, and I have been featuring the four poets who will be panel members at our blogs. Here are links to my Wild Rose Reader posts featuring Lee Bennett Hopkins:

Wild Rose Reader Posts
Lee Bennett Hopkins: WHY POETRY?

PASS THE POETRY, PLEASE!: A Wild Rose Reader Interview with Lee Bennett Hopkins

A Question for Lee Bennett Hopkins

Lee Bennett Hopkins: A Silent Mentor

The Anthologist: A Poem for Lee Bennett Hopkins

Some of My Posts for Jonathan Turley's Blog
On the Banning, Censorship, and Challenging of Books

Dirty Dog! A Sunday Pooch Poetry Post

The Best Government Money Can Buy: A Video and a Verse

Poetry, Politics, and War

Holy Heil! Women Bishops Verboten

A Bachmann Concerto

Couple Gets Hitched...Limo Gets Snitched

Party Poop Governator Bans Use of Welfare Cards at Psychics, Medical Marijuana Shops, Bingo Halls, Cruise Ships, and Tattoo Parlors

Derailing Progress in the US


laurasalas said...

I hope you're feeling better, Elaine!

I'm passionately interested in the topic of the panel you'll be on. I hope you'll share good notes after--or let us know if there will be a recorded version available. I'd love to "sit in" in some way.

Elaine Magliaro said...


Thanks. I just hope to be in good health for my trip to Orlando. Last year, I was fighting a respiratory infection while I was NCTE.

I'm looking forward to meeting Pat Mora, Marilyn Singer, Jame Richards, and Tricia--and to seeing Lee and Sylvia again.