Wednesday, November 10, 2010

some fun things (at least for me!)

Don't forget to comment for cookies (and books)! Today is the LAST DAY and we need your suggestions to keep the BRG conversations going!

A couple of things I thought would be fun to share:

First, I've opened an etsy shop. Yes, my brand-new etsy shop, The Grace Lin Gallery is now open! Please come and browse!

And second, Ling and Ting is named one of Kirkus' best books of the year as well as one of PW Best Children's Books of 2010! And, look, that's my name on the Kirkus cover!

That's actually kind of a surreal experience for me because that gives the impression that people might actually recognize my name. It was not that long ago (less than a year, I'd say)that I remember a bookseller saying, "Grace Lin? Never heard of her."

So strange. But fun!


Elaine Magliaro said...


That's such great news. Congratulations! I love LING AND TING. I'm looking forward to your second book about the identical twins who aren't "exactly the same."

Marion Eldridge said...

Congratulations, Grace! Such great news - and a lot of it!

Anna Alter said...

Congrats, awesome news! And well deserved!

Meghan McCarthy said...


Meghan McCarthy said...
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Meghan McCarthy said...
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Libby Koponen said...

Congrats, Grace! Yes, well deserved. Long live Ling and Ting!