Friday, July 01, 2011


Like Grace, I'm wiped out. I was in Philly for a talk. Here's why I'm tired: I worked on this powerpoint presentation for over a week. Tweaking photos and putting music to little videos and being completely anal!

For this video I wanted to show how I watched a lot of astronaut footage to make my Astronaut Handbook.

I got this video off of YouTube. Most people would have thought that was good enough... but nooo. I didn't like the music. So I spent I don't know how long putting new music to it - tweaking it, and so on. I wanted to create a "mood."

Everything I did for the talk was like that! Every photo I put up had to be tweaked and made in beautiful B&W and so on. I drove myself nuts! I sat for 8 hour periods at the computer and didn't move. On the day I was supposed to drive to PA I was still at the computer working on the talk. Guess what time I arrived? 1:30 am! This is because when I transferred the talk to my laptop I lost a lot of the images and I had a mishap where Powerpoint froze and I lost everything I'd been working on! Blah. Save your work often is the lesson on that one.

And of course when the big day came I wasn't at all satisfied with what I had. I think it went over well, though, and lots of teachers said they thought it was great. It was filmed so I suppose I could see for myself.

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