Monday, September 19, 2011

And so it begins...

The Emmy Award Ceremony was last night (I didn't watch, but followed some of the action via Twitter), and that brings to mind the awards that concern those of us who work in children's and young adult publishing. Over at School Library Journal, the "Heavy Metal blog" has begun its fascinating discussions about the books that just might have a chance at winning the Newbery.

I have some fondness for that particular blog, because there wasn't much buzz about Grace Lin's Where the Mountain Meets the Moon being a possible Newbery title until it was discussed on that blog in November. Of course, buzz isn't everything--and in the case of this year's winning Moon Over Manifest, buzz meant nothing (the Heavy Metal blog didn't discuss that book), but still, I think the likelihood of the winner being a book discussed on that blog is high. So, check it out, weigh in, and place your bets! I find the discussion about Gary Schmidt's Okay For Now particularly fascinating (you'll remember that I read and loved the book, although to be sure, it isn't without its flaws. What book is?).

At the same time, the Horn Book has started a blog to discuss possible Caldecott contenders over at "Calling Caldecott". 

Now all we need is for someone to start one for the Printz, and the triumvirate will be covered.

And also, National Book Award finalists will be announced on October 12.

Betsy Bird gives her Newbery/Caldecott predictions over at Fuse #8 here. I won't make any predictions myself, because of course I have some hopes for books I've edited, and also, I don't feel that I've read enough to give an educated guess (although I'm sure Okay For Now will be "in the room" as we say in the business).

Do any of you have any early favorites for the awards?

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