Sunday, September 11, 2011

a pacy in the pocket

After finishing my novel, I really needed to  let out some steam and do something completely  silly and fun. My trip to France was in a couple days so there was just enough time to do an extra small project. With some leftover material from our our cupcake decorations I decided to make some Pocket Pacys!

They say you always leave a bit of yourself behind when you travel. Well, I going to leave a little me! Ha ha!

I plan to leave one somewhere every day while we're are in France. I hope that someone else finds it and brings a little cheer in their day. And, if I'm lucky the person will carry it to a new location, take a photo and send it to me which I can post here.  Maybe these Pocket Pacys will travel all over the world!

In the photos, the Pocket Pacys might not look that neatly painted. That is because they are so small! see, shorter than a battery:

Though, honestly, the hardest part was trying to get the website url in it. First I tried to write it by hand, but the it wasn't very legible. And I need people to be able to read the url so that they can find the site! So, I finally made stickers which I am just crossing my fingers will stay affixed.

But, I've made eight Pocket Pacys ready for their new home in France. They travel by cardboard box, first class.

Where will they all end up?


Jean Wogaman said...

How adorable!

Libby Koponen said...

Grace! What a great idea -- and SO YOU. I hope people post on the site....maybe you should get The Sasquatch to write the instructions in French, too?

Hope you're BOULVERSEE (if I'm spelling that improperly, I hope the S. will correct me) by all you've seen.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I were going back to France again this year so I could find a Pocket Pacy! So adorable! Have a wonderful time!

Shae said...

These are adorable! Would you mind sharing how you made them?

M J Muir said...

A lovely idea!
I tried to post on your new little Pocket Pacy blog but google won't allow me to post. So if you have 'pacy finders' they may encounter a problem posting there. I thought you might like to be aware of this.
Mary Jane in Vancouver Canada

alvinaling said...

Oh my gosh! How fun. I want to find a Pocket Pacy!

Kim Baker said...

I love this idea! And they look fantastic.