Wednesday, September 21, 2011


What are some questions you'd ask a police officer? What are some questions your kids might ask?


Yvonne V. said...

When have you been most scared?

Shae said...

From kids?

"Do you have a gun?"
"Can I see it?"
"Can I wear your hat?"
"Have you caught a lot of bad guys?"
"My brother broke my doll. Can you arrest him?"

nelsong said...

Both my kids and I would ask, "Can I touch your gun?" "How many bullets does this thing hold?"

Sarah Laurenson said...

I had a lot of interest expressed in my gun. And college kids who claimed they could take it away from me. Stupid bravado and nothing more.

Plus there are items of interest on the average police belt: handcuffs, nightstick, radio, mace. Lots of compartments of various shapes and sizes.

I think the nightstick hangs down low enough for the average small child to take an interest.