Friday, December 09, 2011

The Nanny Granny Goes to Work

I'm going to apologize for lack of posting in the past month as Alvina did earlier this week. I, too, was in Chicago for the 2011 NCTE Annual convention...then came the preparartions for Thanksgiving at my house, a sinus infection, and I recently began my "nanny granny" duties. I'm living with my daughter and son-in-law half the week and providing daycare for my little granddaughter Julia Anna--who is now four months old. I love spending time with my daughter and son-in-law. My husband and I help prepare dinners for them because they work long hours.

Julia is a joy to take care of. She always wakes up smiling and rarely fusses. In addition to my granddaughter, Jack the Yellow Lab and Rudy the Cat keep me company. Jack is a bit of a rascal--so I have to be ever watchful of where I put the remote control for the television. He's truly a challenge.

The Boys--Jack & Rudy

My Sunshine--Julia Anna

I had a grand week with Julia and "The Boys"--but I am a bit tuckered out today.
I think a nap is in order!

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