Thursday, January 05, 2012


People always have ones and I never do. I always just try my best to do what I can do. This year, however, I have a few.

1) to go back to publishing 2 books instead of 1. I've been feeling better these days (knock on wood) so I think I can do it. I still have my ups and downs but the downs seem manageable.

2) to publish my bully project

3) to figure out how to make my electricity graphic novel - maybe not graphic novel - idea happen once and for all

4) to be a neater more organized person. I AM organized when I want to be (kind of OCD in fact)... but only in certain parts of my life - can I stop losing my keys and dropping things and being a mess? We shall see.

5) to go to the gym more consistently

6) to post on the fireside chat more often

I could make this list longer but that's enough.

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