Monday, June 10, 2013


Well... still no word from BN corporate. What's worse is that today I checked to see if there was anything new with my new book at work - and lo and behold - yes there is!

This is what's happening: The book has gone from "home delivery only," to "prepay only." What does this mean for my S&S books? Oh, worse things my friends, worse things. "Home delivery only" means that the buyers were not intending to carry my S&S books and would not order them in. Furthermore if a customer asked for the book we were supposed to ship it to their home, not to the store. Most books are available to ship to the store. It's a rare case that we can only "ship to home, " unless it's a print-on-demand, etc.  BUT we could still manage to order S&S books into the store and that's what was happening. Clearly the buyers didn't like this so they put a stop to it. So now books like mine are "prepay only." Usually prepay only books are print-on-demand books or books that are small press books with high price tags that we wouldn't want to be stuck with, i.e, non-returnable. So why, oh why would they make S&S books "prepay only" when they are very returnable? Hmm. I sense a is game afoot!

The question is: How will this all end?

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