Saturday, November 22, 2008

Question of the week: How are you procrastinating?

Anna: Right now I'm obsessing over designing the blog I'm going to start. Yes it is work related, but hardly the most pressing thing to be working on right now! I seem to always want to do the project that does not have a deadline attached.

Alvina: I've been logging onto Facebook and reading people's status updates more than usual...oh, and I'm still watching those doggies on the Puppy Cam. They've gotten so big and active!

Grace: I've been consumed with the idea of candy making. I want to try making my own truffles or candy canes even though I am not particularly confident at how successful I will be. I blame the Martha Stewart magazine I leafed through the last time I was in the bookstore.

I haven't exactly been procrastinating--I've started preparing for Thanksgiving dinner at my house. I've been cooking up batches of reduction sauce for the turkey gravy. It's a long, involved process--roasting turkey parts with vegetables, then cooking them in a pot, then straining the stock and cooking it down until its almost as dark as bitter chocolate. I've done it three times this week. It's a lot of work--but the gravy will be tasty, rich, and so delicious. My husband says it's the best part of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Libby: Well, I think my last post answers that question. And that's only one example! I tried quitting my browsers, so I'd have to start them each time. Didn't work. Unplugging my modem (have to contort myself into a yoga-like pose to reach it) does. It makes me pause just long enough to control the impulse. I've also been perfecting the Pad Thai recipe -- when I can get it to come out perfectly three times in a row, I'll post it here.


Elaine Magliaro said...


I have a book I got for you months ago about making candy. Sorry...I just forgot to give it to you.

Jeanie W said...

I'm procrastinating by daydreaming about eating Thanksgiving dinner at Elaine's house. Yum!

Annie said...

Yum! Elaine's gravy sounds delicious! And a blog by Anna, that will be fun!!