Tuesday, November 04, 2008


My apartment (four women) has been split 50/50 for this election, although I believe my other three roommates are all registered Republicans--who woulda thunk it in NYC! But in any case, we reached over party lines and three of us ended up going to the polling place together this morning at 8 am.
(edited to add: I'm so proud of Bindu, who just became a citizen and who voted for the first time today!)

The lines inside seemed pretty long:

But once we found out our district number, for some reason we were able to bypass most of the lines--the whole process took only about 15 minutes!

I didn't get an "I voted" sticker for some reason, but once outside I put my pin back on. If you look closely, you can see who I voted for, not that it's been a huge secret or anything:
It's an exciting day!


Elaine Magliaro said...

Way to go, Alvina!

Christine Tripp said...

Hope your Candidate makes it Alvina and we non US citizens of the world will be anxiously awaiting the results of this vote. Really, US politics impacts us all so very much that it's like the whole world should be allowed to vote in your election. In Canada I think I know WHO most would vote for, starts with an "O":)

Jean Wogaman said...

I had no wait at all, probably because I waited until the morning rush was over.

Congrats to Bindu. My daughter has a good friend who turns 18 today, so it's her first time too. What a great election to have as your first!

Blue Rose Girls said...

Wow, her first time! And it's fun to see how similar the crowds and the process are -- where all of us live, anyway.

Christine Tripp said...

Just heard the news, this is wonderful for you and the world at large!!!! Another "Bush" (his buddy) would have been the end for us all!
Good work all!