Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oy. The life of an author.

I didn't have time to post again today. This is how today went. This is how EVERY day goes.

I got up at 11 (went to bed at 4am because I was painting!).
11:30 - printed sketches of Seabiscuit for S&S
12:00 - bought coffee down the street (because I have lead poisoning and I'm afraid of the water!) and came back to finish the sketches
12:25 Ran out the door.
1245: Stuck in the stupid subway!
1:15 Late to physical therapy.
1:40: finishing up PT
2:00 running to S&S
2:10 waiting in line at security to get up stairs... waiting for some lady in front of me to stop fumbling with her wallet.
2:15: met my editor... talked about book... talked about City Hawk and the website I'm working on for it...talked about other stuff... said hello to many pub. folk (publishing people tend to leave their doors open and people pop in and out - I'm not really sure how they get any work done that way but it happens at every pub. I've been to! I also wonder what happens if someone wants to shut his or her door--will it look odd and suspicious?)
4:00: left s&S and headed home
5:00 at home. Bought water because... well.. you know... I"m poisoned and all....
5:15 Trying to eat something quickly and watching news... and answering daily emails.
5:30 stretching... still watching news...getting ready to go running and the gym because I NEED to blow off some steam and de-stress! I also need to keep my muscles active because of my systemic nerve damage (yeah, good times)

So that's what's up until now. What I will do is run (and listen to NPR on the way) for a half hour and then lift weights for an hour. Then I will go home and paint... and listen to an audio book... until I start to zone out (zone out time means I'm really tired). I hope to make it until at least 3 am.

I mostly do doctor crap during the day and answer e-mails... that sort of thing. At night is when I get the artwork done. That's when there are much less distractions!

Speaking of painting... the S&S designer today said she's always curious about people's studios. Soon I hope to update my website "look inside the studio" section. For a long time I tried to keep my dining room a dining room... but I've given up. Now it's a real studio. Well, sort of. I still paint on a retro kitchen table.

Question: what are your studios like?

Okay, so that's it for today. Perhaps my post is dreadfully boring but that's what my days are like! Blah. Busy. Blah.



Anonymous said...

Okay, here is my studio (it is the day I moved in--pre-mess!).
I worked out of a small guest room in my house for years, and years, and years, but with 4 sons there was no more room (a la old lady in shoe).
My studio is now on a warehouse road in a little side part of a warehouse building that I now share with a floorcovering company.
I LOVE having a place to leave a little (or big) mess!

You know I LOVE the view from your studio window!! **waving** to my grandmother's old building!

alvinaling said...

We close our doors at publishing companies sometimes (although I don't have a door anymore)--if we're in a meeting, or sometimes while making an important phone call, making an offer, if we're trying to read/edit in the office. But yes, usually we keep it open so we can deal with all the little questions throughout the day. It actually saves time and keeps things moving to be open and available, although it's also the reason why it's almost impossible to edit or read at the office.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible your lead poisoning is from your paints or cleaning materials? Do you use gloves? If you haven't already got one, use a pitcher filter and you won't have to worry about your tap water, makes better coffee anyway.

gail said...

I've been meaning to update my website to include a studio tour too. Haven't gotten to it yet, although I do have some shots on my blog.

Turning the dining room into a studio sounds like a much better use of space. How many people really use them for dining anyway?

I'm lucky enough to have a very handy husband. (And a big backyard!) We built a little studio just a few steps away from the house.