Friday, July 13, 2007

What's your daemon?

In the Golden Compass, everyone has a daemon -- a soul that is OUTSIDE you, in the form of an animal. When you're a child, its shape constantly changes; though whether it's moth, seagull, or lion, it can talk to you and it must stay close to you. When it goes too far away neither one of you can stand the separation.

When you enter puberty, your daemon becomes one animal. It can't change anymore ever....children in the book wonder a lot about what form their daemons will take.

Now the movie's Web site has a test people can take to see what their daemon is -- and friends can comment on its accuracy.....I took it for myself, and then how I thought MOST BRGs would respond, and it came out a Tiger, which is not too surprising considering that many of us -- including me -- are tigers in Chinese astrology. When some of us would have answered one way and some another (eg, never leave the house without making sure I look good, love meeting new people etc. I left it neutral or answered as I thought MOST of us would have). But it will make it more fun if everyone takes the test.

This is one of my very, very favorite books and I'm not sure if I'm going to see the movie or not. It's always risky to see movies of loved books; sometimes the movie's image of a character supplants mine and I don't like that.


Libby Koponen said...

"Modest, assertive, competitive, spontaneous and solitary" is how it came out when I took it for all of us...and it was a Tiger. May change with people's comments but that's how it started!

tumbletell said...
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alvinaling said...

Mine was Brynn, a sparrow. Modest, assertive, sociable, humble, and flexible.

Emily Jiang said...

So cool! I LOVE Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy!

My daemon is Diadium the Ocelet - modest, outgoing, spontaneous, sociable, and proud.