Thursday, July 31, 2008


I got the first harcover version of Seabiscuit the Wonder Horse today.


Libby Koponen said...

Oh, Meghan, it looks great! When can we buy it? I have a friend who's become a foster mother to a boy who loves horses but WILL NOT READ (though he can) and we both think that he will read and love THIS book. So I am very eager to send it to her! Besides I want to read it myself. It looks really, really good.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! It looks great. I love the awesome cover! and the endpapers are fabulous!

Erik Brooks said...

It looks really great Meghan! Love the gold foil treatment on the lettering too. Your characters are always great, but for the very first time I'm thinking to myself, "why hasn't someone wanted to turn Meghan's books/characters into some kind of animated fare for the kiddies???" Perhaps they have and you are opposed to such gross over comercialization of your work...or something like that. Were I in your artsy shoes, I'd say GO FOR IT! Terrific kid appeal as always!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Thanks guys! As for an animated fare--I WOULD say yes if someone would offer... but alas, no one has.

Laura said...

MEGHAN!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

When can I get this book??
Wouldn't an event at the Racetracks be fun?? You know they always have the early-before races "breakfasts at the track" that families bring the kids to, to see all the horses!! I think NYRA should know!!