Tuesday, September 02, 2008

show dog

Well, I had a fun weekend + labor day working. I won't get into how horrible it was. The customers are REALLY getting on my nerves--rude, stupid, etc. Nobody, for example, seems to use whole sentences anymore. They just shout stuff out... as if I"m not worthy enough to get a whole sentence. GOSSIP GIRL! or BATHROOM! Jesus.

I've been really thinking hard about health insurance vs. no health insurance. Do I REALLY need it? I have managed to go over 100,000 worth of dr visits and tests within 2 years--spinal tap, 3 skin biopsies, nerve and muscle biopsy, at least 8 MRIs...and I've had more blood taken than a war victim. BUT... I still have no treatment. So what's the point???

I'm happy to see that the others had a good time though!

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time putting up my book Show Dog online. You can read it in its entirety here--




Christine Tripp said...

This is the funniest book I have seen in a long, long time:)

Anonymous said...

I love the art! I was just a little confused at the end...how did Princess end up with the Hubbles? It doesn't really explain that transition, and I was left a little unsatisfied. And why did her owner give her up so easily and just get another dog?

Christine Tripp said...

how did Princess end up with the Hubbles?

The way I read the book, it looked to me like Princess chose the Hubbles. She just left her owner and went to her celebratory dinner with them and never left:)
Mean ol Mr. (forget his name at the moment) had no say in the matter.
Of course, I have been accused of seeing things like a 5 year old more then once:)

Meghan McCarthy said...

Yes, Princess chose the Hubbles. She left Mr. Pitt because he was an angry, irritated individual. My inspiration for it was those girls who have to do those beauty shows when they're little.

This was my second book and it's out of print (sob). I'm working on my 10th book at the moment... so I've evolved since then. You also must remember that page limitations make telling some stories hard to do! It takes practice--and the look of the book/art vs. story is always a conflict.


Elaine Magliaro said...


Lots of picture books don't "tell everything" in words. Some stories are even left open for interpretation. Kids often come up with their own reasons for why they think things happen the way they do, why a character acts in a certain manner, or why a book ends as it does. When I was working as a teacher and later a librarian, i found that such books often led to good discussions with young kids.

Anna Alter said...

I like that the ending is sort of unexplained. I think, like Elaine said, it leaves things open to a kid's interpretation.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Well, I'm glad some of you DO like the ending! Yes, it is open to interpretation. I like books that make you think.

Christine Tripp said...

That is very sad that it's out of print, it shouldn't be. I put that book up with "What Are You So Grumpy About" (a fav of mine) in laughs and the simplicity of a story told that is so wonderful and obvious. It's all just so happy, the family is happy in their own little world with their own way of thinking. So positive about life.
Some publisher should grab it up, NOW!

Christine Tripp said...

Oh, and as for health care, your pals have the right idea, but instead of visiting, move to Montreal (Canada) where health care is free for all. Yes, you do NEED it, unfortunately, we all do.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I should have added that Show Dog was an IRA-CBC children's choice, so obviously the kids weren't confused.