Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here's the "see inside the fridge" part. If you haven't seen Cribs then you probably won't understand why I did this. Oh well. P.S-- the other film isn't edited. That whole end part will be cut out-aka pants and part of judge judy.

Also, if you're wondering why I'm doing this... well... not really sure. It started with my "see inside the studio" video, and then I guess I felt the need to expand... oh yes, into something ENORMOUS! I really do think that the home environment is very important to the self-employed individual, mostly because if you have a home "office" and "studio" then you're there A LOT. And, well, I thought I'd document it. Making a mock CRIBS is a good way to do it. I'm also going to show some of my favorite books and that sort of thing, so it'll all be tied in soon enough.

Stay tuned!

p.s - yes, I'm obviously feeling better because the OCD tendencies are coming back like the plague. Fingers crossed.


Christine Tripp said...

Meghan, trying to figure out how half the stuff in the fridge "isn't mine" but I guess I shouldn't ask?
So, what you need to do with that sucker is throw everything in it out and follow Gillian McKeith's diet.... I can't tell you how much better I feel after only 4 weeks (plus, bonus, lost 20 pounds!)
But, it's not about the weight, it's about the energy I have now. Sadly, there is no actual food in your kitchen, so it would be hard to sustain life under those circustances:(

Meghan McCarthy said...

Ha, true, there's no food in there. I mostly eat pasta and rice and things like that so it's all in the pantry. I also am way past due for a food shopping... so on food shopping day there would be some salad ingredients and some ground beef and things like that.

The stuff that isn't mine is my roommate's. We don't share the apartment but share the kitchen and bath.

At first I was going to clean up the refrigerator and make a joke out of it, but instead decided to film it as-is.