Monday, March 09, 2009

Question and naming contest!

One of the main reasons I started blogging was because I wanted to write about the books I edit, to do my part in spreading the word about these wonderful things that I love. In the past, I always thought the most interesting and "insider-y" thing to write about was the acquisitions story, but now that many of the books I edit are the second, third, or fourth novels of authors I've worked with before, the acquisitions process generally consists of the author or agent saying, "Here's XX's next book!" and me saying, "Great!"

Not that interesting. So, I try to give a little anecdote that will be interesting for readers, like our cover redesign for Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass that I wrote about here, and Peter Brown's surprising fan, Jon Stewart when I wrote about The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder.

I'm planning to write about Justina Chen Headley's third novel North Of Beautiful next week. So, I have two questions for you all.

1) What do you want to hear about North of Beautiful? Justina went on a blog tour when the book came out, so there's a lot of great information out there already. What don't you know that you want to know?

2) I'd like to come up with a name for these book posts I do. I thought I could do something like "Inside Edition" or steal the name of some other entertainment show. Any ideas, all you wonderful, creative Blue Rose Girls readers? If you need inspiration/more examples, on my personal blog, a bunch of my posts about my books are linked to on the right side under "A sampling of my children's book-related posts."

Post your questions and ideas in the comments section. If I pick your question and/or naming idea, I'll send you a Little, Brown book of your choice! This contest will close at 5 pm EST on Sunday, March 15, and you'll find out if you've won when I post on Monday morning. And because I need all the ideas I can get, I'm going to ask my fellow BRGs to give me ideas, too--but if I end up going with something they suggest, I'll choose another entry at random as the winner.

Thank you in advance!


Kimbra Kasch said...

Love the cover of Every Soul a Star and I'll post the contest over at Verla Kay's blueboards - the more the merrier.


I'm still thinking of names but I'll be back...

Martha Brockenbrough said...

I loved North of Beautiful--did the book come in pretty much perfect like this, or did you get to work with Justina to weave all those themes together so beautifully?

Anonymous said...

I always love to hear about process. It would be interesting to hear about a problem or course change from your perspective and from the perspective of the author/artist.


Anonymous said...

Under The Covers


Ms. Yingling said...

I always love to read the insider info about books, but I think I like to be surprised. What about North of Beautiful was unusal, in either the concept or writing? How does Headley feel about the characters she created?

As for names, do you want to steal from television, or some older source? Do you remember the huge reference set, Something About the Author? I have fond memories, as well as a dusty set from 1975, tucked away. Since Gale is still publishing this, perhaps you would stick in "Something UNUSUAL about the author"

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the first idea that popped into my head: Peek-A-Book. And if it doesn't win, I think I'll find a way to use it myself! :-)

Anonymous said...

My naming idea - Between the Sheets

Lindsey S from Austin

Kimbra Kasch said...

How about instead of newsbites
bookbites ?...

Llehn said...

I kind of like the idea of Book Nook. It gives the impression of a very cozy corner where you can snuggle up with a cuppa and read.

Charlotte said...

Every Book a Star? The Fabulous Bouncing Books? North of Beautiful Books?


Anonymous said...

I love to read about little moments that happen that expose how human every one involved is, how things come to be, the process, or are a good giggle,or make me feel like i'm "in" on a bit of friendly gossip...

I think you have to mention the you tube beauty challenge. The Maya Angelou inspiration is interesting.How does it feel to get 3 starred reviews?

Name possibilities:
(wasn't he brilliant this week?)
(complete with food photos)

Lynn said...

Just a few ideas:

Anecdotes of an agent

From pen to paper (could add something like: "what happens in between")

Chronicle of an Anecdotal Agent (that one was sort of a joke, in homage to our blog title)

I'll keep thinking

Grace Lin said...

I was thinking something like "The Unwritten Story" or "Unedited" but I like "Inside Edition" too!

T.S. said...

What about something like "Behind the Paper Curtain" or "Book Look" or maybe "Between the Pages."

Anonymous said...

1) Question for Headley: If medical treatment could not erase the portwine stain, would the story have a different message?

2) Name suggestions: Bookspeak
Special Features with Alvina

Anonymous said...

I posted earlier today.

Would like to add one more name suggestion:
Book Tales

Anonymous said...

More name suggestions (I can't stop):
Unedited Copy
Candid Notes
That's Book Biz
Behind the Book Scene
Book Beat

Christine Tripp said...

I'll suggest a name, "This Side of Lucky"

Jennie said...

I got to ask Justina my questions when she visited my blog as part of the tour, but I have some naming ideas...

Between the Lines
Erased, Deleted, and Cut
Unwritten and Untold, Until Now