Wednesday, April 08, 2009

libraries I have seen

One of the fun things about going to so many different schools is seeing how each library has its own character. The schools, librarians and the PTA are always so creative in making the library space have its own personality. It's always like a little surprise to see! I forgot to document most of them (I'm going to make a special effort to so in the future), but did manage to capture a few.

Some just exuded happiness:

Or just made my inner-6thgrade-i-heart-unicorns-girl happy:

Others were more elaborate. This one had a library tree nook:complete with library-tree-themed murals

And this one had a cow/pasture theme mural on one side:
and a "reading porch" on the other:

So, what will the next library look like? Can't wait to see!


Emily Wing Smith said...

Wow...these are amazing! Thanks for show casing these!

ChatRabbit said...

So cool- I had to show that unicorn one to my unicorn-obsessed 6th-grader!

Meghan McCarthy said...

That's pretty cool.

Kimberly @ lectitans said...

These are great. I especially love the unicorns. I posted this post at my blog here: