Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chat with me!

I'm offering Skype talks! It is September which means school is in, so I thought as part of my book's birthday (it's three months old! I remember when it was just a small ARC. sigh!) that (as well as the download-able activity book and event kit) I would offer free, virtual visits!

If your group ends up collectively purchasing 10 or more copies of WHERE THE MOUNTAIN MEETS THE MOON, I would be happy to schedule a free 15 minute question and answer Skype call with your readers. Perfect for after school book groups and mother-daughter book clubs! Contact:

Anna also offers Skype visits as well! (I didn't join the Skype Author network because I'm not sure if I want to offer Skype visits indefinitely. But it's a great roster there!) We BRGs are sooo cutting edge.

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Libby Koponen said...

WEll, I finally got Skype sound set up on my mac mini (for others who have them: you have to buy an extra part called an imic, then it works perfectly). The camera I think will be plug and play, so I may try this, too.

Have you done any visits yet?