Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Survey and buttons- comment and get one for free!

Happy first day of school! This week I am taking a short break from painting Disappearing Desmond to focus on Abigail Spells, since it is a book I hope will appear in many classrooms this fall.

To that end I am very curious to know where you expert educators out there look for resources to fill out the curriculum in your classes. We authors are always trying to find ways to make our work useful to classrooms and a creative jumping off point for teachers. I'd love to know what your favorite sites are, so that I might be inspired in creating my own curriculum.

SO. I posted this short survey on my blog last week, but thought I might post it here as well to appeal to teachers and educators of all kinds to share your back to school planning.

*If you are a teacher or educator who works with kids, where do you go to research your lesson plans (can include books, web sites, magazines, articles, etc)?

*Are there any sites or other materials that have helped you develop spelling lessons in particular, and teach them effectively?

*Any great online resources that you use to find activities for your kids?

Thanks in advance for the help, I really appreciate it!

In case you're curious, here are some responses I've gotten so far:
Carl's Corner
Reading A-Z
Enchanted Learning
Pro teacher
Super teacher worksheets

On another note, I am making some little buttons of Abigail for giveaway... which design do you like the best? Place a vote or answer the survey above and I will send you a button when they're done*! Make sure your email address is in the comment, or you can email me at anna@annaalter.com.

*Giveaway ends 9/15. Only for folks in the US, sorry!


Grace Lin said...

I love the hula-hooping image! But maybe since the book is "Abigail Spells" it should be the first image where Georg is holding the ABC book and she is (you assume) about to spell?

Libby Koponen said...

I like her hula-hooping best too as a design. But I do think it ought to include George -- and since they will (we hope) see the cover a lot maybe the bottom one is better? Gives them something extra AND he is more Abigail's size and smiling in that one.

This is an interesting question you ask teachers and I hope lots answer it!

yamster said...

I love the energy of the last two! Gut reaction says hula-hooping wins out of those two, because it's Abigail only and the title is Abigail Spells, but you could also isolate the image of Abigail in the last one. However, I do think that there should be some letters somewhere since, as Grace said, the book is about spelling... would love to see the title with the colorful letters you've done on the cover, or at least ABC? You could make a little more room by leaving the "www" off the website address since it's no longer necessary. Just my two... uh... four cents. :)

Anna Alter said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

ChatRabbit said...

They're all so cute, Anna! I also like the hula-hooping one- can George be in there with his book while she hula-spells? :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

Those are all so cute, but I really like the hula hooping one =)


alvinaling said...

I love the Hula-hooping one, too, although there is a bit of a disconnect between that image and spelling...I like Amy's suggestion!

Anna Alter said...

Thanks everyone- these are great ideas! I will post the final image when its done.

Annie Patterson said...

I love the last one with her dancing and the maraca shaker in the background!