Friday, October 23, 2009

POETRY FRIDAY: Double Dactyls

This week I wrote some double dactyls for Tricia’s Monday Poetry Stretch over at The Miss Rhumphius Effect. I decided to use characters from children's literature instead of famous people in the first two double dactyls.

Click here to find information about the double dactyl at the website of the Poetry Foundation.

Three Double Dactyls
by Elaine Magliaro

Higgeldy piggeldy
Max was a “wild thing,”
Got into mischief
Was sent to his room,

Kicked up a rumpus
With like-minded wild things.
Some kiddies go crazy
Once they leave the womb.

Hickory dickory
Charlotte Arachnid—
A writer, a weaver—
Spun tales for her friend,

Wilbur, the runt pig
She nurtured and cherished.
That spider was loyal
And true to the end.

Gravity savity
Isaac, Sir, Newton,
Math’matical genius
And physicist too,

Got into alchemy…
Tried making gold
From a base metal brew.

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