Thursday, October 08, 2009


I'm in waiting mode. The thing that sucks about being self employed is that normally having nothing to do should be wonderful. I, however, feel guilty. I should be working - is what my brain normally says. I turned in the dummy to my book a while ago and I"m playing the waiting game, as some of you may know of. I could start a new project, which I sort of have, but I don't want to get too into it. If I do I"m afraid I'll lose my gusto for the book I should be working on... the one under contract. The way I operate is that I become immersed in the subject. I obsess. I drown myself in data and images. If I start something else I'll start to forget... or at least that's what i"m afraid of.

So, I"m going to the gym. Getting in better shape is something I can do without worrying about the above.

What do you guys do when you're in this situation?



Anna Alter said...

When I'm in between dummies I usually try to do web site stuff, its easier for me to pull away from than a new book idea. Although that can suck you in too! Once I start updating part of my web site I want to do the whole thing.

Dad said...

I go from one dummy to another. My good ideas slip away if I don't get them down in dummy book form - even if it's a really rough dummy.

Libby Koponen said...

I'm in a different situaion: I just write, and (except for ghostwriting and work for hire) what I write is not under contract until it's finished -- or at least until it has gone through several drafts. For a long time, I had a hard time starting something while I was waiting to hear about a ms. I used to wait and do other things, for all the reasons you are waiting. But I waited a long time with little to show for it, so now I just start something new, even though sometimes that feels really crazy. Right now my agent has FOUR manuscripts of mine!-- a novel, that Thomas Edison book you read, and two picture book manuscripts. But if I wait for editors, I could spend my whole life waiting -- so right now I'm working on 2 work-for-hire books (one pretty much done, one just starting) and a novel of my own.