Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Desmond painting part 2

Here is the rest of the process for last week's Desmond painting:

Still building layers on the character's faces (maybe the bunny should have spots?):

The word balloons get outlines and the bunny is better grey:

Building up the layers of paint in the word balloons, Desmond's face, and his outfit:

And some final touches... the character's clothes get patterns and "hi" finishes things off:

Of course the painting is never done until the day of the deadline, I still may tweak the colors or add some little details. I was thinking Desmond might need a little something extra to spiff up his outfit. What do you think? A hat or a flower on his sweater vest perhaps?


Daniel Mahoney said...

Very nice Anna! I've never tried painting the background color first, and then the characters on top of it. Will you leave it like that, or make Desmond look like he's standing on solid ground? What type of paints do you use? Do you ever gesso the paper before you start?

Desmond's coming along nicely!

Grace Lin said...

i think a flower on his vest would be very suave!

Anna Alter said...

Hi Daniel,

I started painting backgrounds first when I switched to acrylic paint. Because it dries so fast and is a different color when wet, I found it hard to paint around shapes with a small brush and have the background color be uniform... I'd end up with patchy looking backgrounds.

In this painting I plan to leave Desmond standing without a floor... I think it emphasizes that he is floating on air with happiness.

And no I don't usually gesso, I like to keep texture to a minimum.