Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Cybils Announcement

If there’s a children’s or young adult book that you’d like to nominate for a 2011 Cybils, do it soon! The nominations close on October 15th!

I’m happy to be serving as a Round One Poetry Judge this year. We have a terrific panel once again!

Click here to check out the 2011 Cybils Poetry Nominations

The 2011 Poetry Judges

Poetry has long been the genre where we've insisted on the most credentials and expertise. It may get the fewest nominations, but it's far from the easiest to judge. Many of our experts are poets themselves and bring their practiced eye to the Cybils.


Amy Ludwig VanDerwater 

Susan Taylor Brown

Elaine Magliaro

Bruce Black

Tricia Stohr-Hunt

Jone Rush MacCulloch

Carol Wilcox


Diane Mayr  
The Write Sisters

Mary Lee Hahn
A Year of Reading

Julie Larios
The Drift Record

Andi Sibley

Laura Purdie Salas

I reviewed a few of the nominated poetry books for Wild Rose Reader.




Over at Wild Rose Reader, I posted a mini collection of my original animal acrostic poems.

David Elzey has the Poetry Friday Roundup at Fomagrams.

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