Friday, October 14, 2011


I remember going to a fair during the summer. There would be the booth where you'd throw the ball and knock the guy or girl into the water and then the rows of tiny fish bowls. The player got three chances to toss the plastic ball into the bowls. Generally, the balls never landed in the fish bowls, but once in a while the ball landed and the player would win a fish. I remember winning a fish one year and it was so exciting! My dad went down to the basement and cleaned out an old fish bowl to put the fish in. I think the fish lasted a few days and then died. I guess you can't expect much from a fish at a local fair. There were crazier things I've found at local fairs, such as the dung toss game, etc.

I'm sharing this because of Libby's post. I agree with her that some local flavor can and should be added to the right books! I thought of this as I posted about my recent discovery about more advertising in kids' books. Everything is becoming so SIMILAR. All the kids wear the same shoes and little kids are wearing lipstick at younger ages. It's kind of frightening. Something a little different now and then would be nice!

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