Tuesday, June 04, 2013

New motive for BIC


I have been silent because I bought a tiny piece of land on a remote Scottish island and put this hut on it. The site and garden are still in progress: the hut has to be attached to the ground or it will blow away: it's that windy here!

I still can’t quite believe it’s mine....owning a house (if the hut can count as a house!) and having a garden are deeply satisfying--so satisfying that it's hard to see how people have both ever do anything but garden and decorate. I have been planning and imagining this hut for MONTHS and  love it even more than I thought I would.Here it is outside from all four angles (still a bit messy: the piles of dirt will go into my flower beds, herb garden, and lettuce patch; the solar power wires underground).

The little stone byre is mine, too, and holds all the things the hut can not -- even the solar panel. It is my dream to make it into a little house with a big bathroom, open fireplace right in the center of the room, galley kitchen, and sleeping loft. But for now:

 Bed with big storage drawers underneath-- it's high both for more storage and so I can kneel on it and look out the fanlight to the sea. There are houses out that way, too, so I wanted privacy AND the ocean view. (I'll post the views out all the windows as a separate post.)

 The wood stove and the kitchen behind it, work space and eating table to the right. The big box is for storage and slides out of sight.
Working here is hard--not only because of the charms of decorating and gardening, but because of how much fun  it is to chat with people. For DAYS before I actually started writing, I tried -- and attached signs to both gates saying

"Writing -- please, no visitors."

I felt like a fraud since I wasn't writing; but as someone kindly said when I admitted that,
"Putting up the sign is the first step."

Not that it always worked--someone else (someone I was glad to see, I am not complaining!) knocked on the door and said with a smile:
"I saw you moving around so I knew you weren't writing."

But, finally, I AM writing-- something just clicked into place and I'm back in the novel, rewriting it for what I hope will be the last time before it goes back to my agent.

And knowing that people can see when I'm not writing is actually really good. As Jane Yolen advised Jarret in a hilarious video he made about the writing life,
"Jarret. It's very simple: BIC. Butt in chair."

The sign may be the first step, but that is definitely the second.



Grace Lin said...

I love your hut!!!! It's like a storybook come true! Once you finally get started, it's sure to be very inspirational!

Barbara O'Connor said...

This is just SO COOL!!!!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh my gosh! i Had no idea! This reminds me of scuppers the sailer dog.

Meghan McCarthy said...

p.s: this could be a graphic novel.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I'm totally inspired by your purchase! I want to buy a shack by the ocean.

betsy said...

Libby, it is WONDERFUL!!!

Tina Cho said...

So beautiful! Love the white!

Libby Koponen said...

Thank you all...and Meghan, yes, get (or build) a shack by the ocean!

If you keep it really simple it needn't cost much (this didn't). If you do it we can trade huts if either of us wants a change.

Hollie McEwen said...

This brought me to tears. Of course your little hut is a home! I do nothing but dream of tiny living, and FEEL YOUR JOY! Best of everything life has to offer.
Sincerely,a kindred spirit.