Wednesday, January 10, 2007

the cover vote continues...

Dear blog readers--

Keep voting! And thanks for doing so.

I find everyone's comments to be quite interesting and helpful. Soon we all will know which cover goes to print. Don't worry, I'll announce it here.

Don't forget about "Drink Night" this Thursday! January 11th, Sweet and Vicious, 6pm--thanks to Fuse #8!

Stay tuned for some City Hawk bloopers. As usual, I turned in the artwork with some parts not quite finished. Oops!



Laraine Anne Barker said...

It's not considered good typographical design to have text hit an image as in the first example. I rather like the third one. The lighter sky makes the hawk stand out better. But I definitely don't like the first one!

Agyw said...

Har! Shows ya about that opinion thang, because I would go against the grain. I like the idea and visual of the first-- it's more active to me. I would push it a bit more with coverage of the "K" and perhaps angling the bird more, but I had the immediate feeling of flight and "pushing" through. The others may be balanced, and perhaps comfortably legible, but the bird felt like it was hovering to me.

Meghan you have gorgeous, vibrant colors and it's a great cover with or without my input, and obviously there is no wrong (or right) answer. Great good luck, it's a beautiful book cover.