Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a new series... and possibly a waste of time

Here we have my first video in a series of interview type videos on different artists and their work spaces. I need a new video camera because mine isn't compatible with my mac editing software, which means everything is super hard to do/make. I started to edit this one and gave up not even half way through... oh well.


so my goal would be to do ones on other artists. This is just a test. Do not think this is the real thing!

p.s - like how I spelled procrastination wrong? Ah, whatever.


alvina said...

ha--that's awesome. It's kinda like MTV CRIBS. I kinda want to do one of my workspace.

Meghan said...

Funny thing, I wanted to make it just like cribs with the cribs opening and all, but like I said... I need a new video camera first. I thought it would be cool if I did one for all of us--sort of an interview of you in your space.

Libby Koponen said...

Meghan! I hope you finish this one, I think the before and after cleaning idea is great. I also thought it was fun to see this and the ending made me laugh.

Anonymous said...


This is fun. I especially love the stories. Creepy clown, the flat files that replaced under-the-bed storage... and there are stories that need to be told. The guitar? The giant pencil? The light fixture with tassels?

to be cont'd?

Barbara O'Connor said...

I loved this!

StoryForce said...

This is great! So interesting to see an artist's workplace, and as someone said, the stories are great. I want to hear about the guitar and the tassels, too.

Meghan said...

That's funny... I didn't even think the pencil was that visible. I'll make a part 2. I have stories for everything. I just wasn't sure whether they were interesting or not! Thank you all for the feedback.

Anna Alter said...

Hilarious! Love it. Now I want to do one.