Thursday, February 26, 2009

nothing to post

I had full intention of posting the rest of the video on arm wrestling today but I can't because I haven't gotten anything done this week. I got REALLY sick and the doctor yelled at me for not going to the emergency room and taking "matters into my own hands," instead, by consuming a dangerous amount of pain meds. The conclusion was that there's nothing I can do for the pain except "sleep." I said " I can't sleep for two weeks!" He didn't have a response. Now I must go to 2 more specialists--another neurologist and a cardiovascular surgeon because my blood pressure is 125/70 in the left arm and 150/90 in the right. 3 doctors. None know why that is.

So yay. More doctors. More drama. No book work done. I'm petrified that the economy is going to eventually affect me. At BN workers are getting their hours reduced. And here I am with no way to get more income. I can't work on a book when I feel like I"m going to puke! Oh well. The next step is a chemo drug. We'll see what happens.

I'm not posting this so that you can think "Oh, poor Meghan." I'm posting this because this is a warning to all self employed people. You are risking A LOT when you go that root. There's no safety net!!!!


Libby Koponen said...

Oh, Meghan, I'm sorry.

If Barnes and Noble is like other large companies, if you have health insurance, you also have a temporary disability policy. This isn't like federal disability -- it's a 90 day leave to rest/recover from an illness. While you're on disability leave, you get your full paycheck.

To get it, you get the forms from HR and your doctor fills them out. Period. It's that simple.

I'm writing this mainly hoping that one of your friends in NY or at B&N reads it and helps you/encourages you to get those forms to your doctor.

YOU NEED TO REST. Please let us BRGs help.


Anna Alter said...

God, that sounds awful Meghan! I think you should seriously pursue getting a leave of absence. It sounds like you need some time to rest and recuperate.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Well, unfortunately since I'm a part time employee I don't get a leave of absence with pay. I could take a month off but there would be no pay. Being pressured to get a book done is no picnic either. The problem is no books = no rent or food. If I look into SS I might not be able to make books anymore because my income might be too high. I don't think there's an easy solution to this. Oh wait, yes there is. I can get 8 embryos inserted and then get the people of america to pay for me and my babies! Yay! Happy times ahead.

Christine Tripp said...

Oh wait, yes there is. I can get 8 embryos inserted and then get the people of america to pay for me and my babies! Yay! Happy times ahead.

Good thought, sadly you'd have to be completely insane, bordering on homocidal to do that to yourself or 8 little lives. (Does anyone know if that "Dr" is in jail yet, or at least had his license revoked?)
I gather moving to Montreal is now out of the question. What is the amount in the US that a person on disability would be allowed to earn outside of the government cheque?

Christine Tripp said...

Juat a few other thoughts. Blood pressures are always different from left to right arm. The right arm is the one most commonly checked, go with that reading and it's a bit high. Part of that could be due to your stress and pain.
Rather then taking the drastic step of heavier drugs, that will eradicate what may be left of your immune system, I would request your doctor write out a prescription for a certain "weed" that is legal so long as it is for medical use.
It seems to work well for many and you'll be able to work too.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I know blood pressure is different sometimes from arm to arm, but more than 20 it is something to be taken seriously. I've been to three different doctors and they all said the same thing... and these are top rated doctors--ones that have been reviewed in New York Mag, etc. It means sometimes blocking the flow of blood, which could be dangerous.

As far as the "weed"... my parents said they'd hook me up if I can't get a friend to. Can you believe my parents suggested this??? Oh, it's a whole new world.

Anonymous said... has a petition going on today 3/3 for the next 48 hours regarding health care. It's so crazy trying to cope with pain, I know all too well, and sympathize
and hope our health care system gets healed as well as us.