Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Librarians make the world go round

Today was my last day of presenting at the Hong Kong International School (I change to another venue tommorrow) and my amazing coordinator-librarian-now-good-friend Amy threw a "Dim Sum For Everyone!" brunch in the library in my honor. And as wonderful as that was, it really is just the tip of the iceberg of what she has done for me here in Hong Kong.

And when I think about it, she and every other librarian out there are incredible just by doing their job everyday. Authors and illustrators can make as many books as they want, but if their books are unread they are unplanted seeds--as useless as a packet of pebbles. It's the librarians (and others like them) who daily connect our books to the readers. They are the true caretakers and cultivators, nurturing our books to life by placing them in the hands of a child.

So, librarians and all those how strive to bring books to kids, I thank you and admire you. Your gardens are beautiful!

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