Saturday, March 17, 2007


I'm not going to comment on the whole scrotum thing which feels like such old news, but I AM reading Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron right now and enjoying it, and just read this paragraph that delighted me. I'm a city person, but this made me feel that I wanted to live somewhere else:

Past the town the desert rolled out and out like a pale green ocean, as far as you could see, to the Coso foothills, then behind them, the huge black Coso Range like the broken edge of a giant cup that held tiny Hard Pan at its bottom. The sky arched up forever, nothing but a sheet of blue, hiding zillions of stars and planets and galaxies that were up there all the time, even when you couldn't see them. It was kind of peaceful and so gigantic it made your brain feel rested. It made you feel like you could become anything you wanted, like you were filled up with nothing but hope.


Anonymous said...


Will you be in San Francisco on April 12th? Susan Patron is scheduled to speak a the Main Library from 6-8:00 p.m. she is also speaking at Books Inc on the 10th.


p.s. There are many fine coffee shops near each location!

alvinaling said...

Oh, no! I won't be arriving until Friday the 13th. Darn!