Saturday, July 05, 2008

New approach

I write most easily when I don't have anything else to do -- when I can focus completely on a novel or story. So for the last several years I've tried to divide my time into chunks, with big blocks of time when I can focus on writing.

This has meant leading a really reclusive life, and not getting THAT much writing done, either,at least not as much as I'd hoped,  because (even when I'm being reclusive), there always ARE other things to do -- like projects that pay.

I've finally realized that if I wait until I have an uniterrupted week (or whatever) to write, I'll wait a long time....and by the time I get back to the novel it will have turned into a different book, too.  Plus I'll be fairly miserable, always trying to choose between my writing and -- well, everything else.

So last week and the week before, even though I was in NY for a good chunk of time, I worked on my novel before I left, and on the train, and when I came back, too....not a LOT, but (I hope) enough so that when the current projects are done, my novel will still be with me and still be the same book.

And in the meantime, I'm living a real life -- celebrating my mother's birthday with her and my sister, seeing friends (including the Blue Rose Girls -- in fact, one day began with putting Anna on the train to Boston here  and ended with being driven to Penn Station by Meghan!), visiting the Irish Hunger Memorial

--- (believe it or not, this is in New York, in Battery Park)

and the 4 Waterfalls (only one in this picture, but from this spot you can see all four).

Words in plan: 2231
Words in draft: 5237


Linda S. Wingerter said...

Well there you are, Libby! It sounds wonderful and productive and inspiring.

Blue Rose Girls said...
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Blue Rose Girls said...

Thanks, Linda! You know I think my writing really IS better. Of course this may be an illusion.

Maybe I'll post some of it and see what people think???

Meghan McCarthy said...

Libby, I can't believe that is in NYC. I'll have to go see it! I"m glad you had a good time. I like the shot of you on the water. The red pole and your light dress make the shot really cool.