Thursday, December 02, 2010


I have a few new things in the works. Right now they are mostly in my mind but they will happen! I have to get my Balto book done first. Yes, it's not done. It's never ending. This is the thing with books and especially nonfiction books... they are never finished! Never, ever.

Anyway, my friends and I were at a "how to publish a photography book" talk yesterday at the NYPL and it was PACKED! This makes me feel happy! People still love books! There is still that passion. Afterward were were talking about art books (I collect a ton of them) and we have decided to start an art book blog. I have very particular tastes and my friend has very different tastes so I think it will be very interesting. So stay tuned for that.

My other venture is an illustrator/author/publishing blog that will differ from the BRG. It will contain posts that I thought I couldn't post here for different reasons. So I guess if you don't like my posts here you are definitely not going to like them there! Although, perhaps you will. Only time will tell. There are a few topics I'm just itching to talk about. I'm not sure, however, how long the blog will last. It might die after a month or two... or I'll get run out of town! I'll let you know when it's launched.

Anyway, a cool new art book I got called Juxtapoz Handmade is all about handmade art - a lot of 3D stuff - paper art and the like. I really love paper art. This guy, A.J Fosik, uses wood and the effect is really cool:

I just loved the beginning quote for his "paragraph": "There is a two-fisted tradition of creation in this great land of ours, and it is this constitution that makes us a special people. From California to the New York Island, we Americans make stuff. We always have and we always will."

Yeah, it's silly. But it's kind of true! Let's keep on making stuff!


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