Friday, December 17, 2010

POETRY FRIDAY: Christmas Acrostics

I used to dislike acrostic poems. I found most of the ones that I had read were too prosaic. Then, when I was still teaching, I tried writing some with my students. Some of my students—with my help—wrote really exceptional acrostics. Here are two examples:

SUNS by Billy
Solar flares blast into space,
Untamed explosions of fire, in
Neverending galaxies where
Stars are born and reborn.

SPACE by Colby

Stars, jewels of light sparkle in the night.
Pluto, cold as an icy night, as dark as pitch, freezes in space.
Asteroids, worlds of rock and metal, play ring around the sun.
Comets of ice with fiery tails glow in the darkness.
Elegant Earth, a world of sapphire blue and green, spins around the sun.

After my experience with my students writing acrostics, I was inspired to write some myself. Here are three of my Christmas-themed acrostics:

Wrapped around itself,
Evergreen, fragrant of winter forests,
Adorned with berries, baubles, bells of gold,
Tacked to the front door...
Home for the holidays.

Trimmed with tinsel, bedecked with shiny bulbs,
Ribboned with red satin, strung with bright lights—
Each twinkling like an earthbound star in an
Evergreen sky.

Santa snaps the reins. Red-nosed Rudolph
Leads the team of reindeer this early winter
Eve. Up, up
Into the sky with a cargo of Christmas
Gifts and goodies they rise, weaving through clouds. Can you
Hear the merry jingle of their silver bells?

At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original memoir poem about my childhood titled Christmas Eve.

Amy has the Poetry Friday Roundup at The Poem Farm.


readingkidsbooks said...

Enjoyed your Xmas acrostics, but your student's acrostics were awesome.

Amy L V said...

I like acrostics best when the lines wrap around each other, when they don't "feel like acrostics" know what I mean...the ones where you write your name down the page and pick any ol' noun to fill it in! My tree likes being called an "earthbound star in an evergreen sky." Happy Poetry Friday and pierogi making! A.

I'm Jet . . . said...

These are great!

laurasalas said...

You know how I love acrostics! Your students' ones are excellent. I think acrostics are great ways for kids to put their content knowledge to artistic use! Those neverending galaxies and elegant lovely!

And yours are gorgeous. I think you've shared these before and I'm so happy to see them again. My favorite line is still

earthbound star in an
Evergreen sky.

Though I also really love

cargo of Christmas

Great line break there!