Friday, January 14, 2011


I had to work yesterday so I'm posting today:

I'm starting a new blog:


I DON'T wish for it to compete with this blog in any way. I felt that I had to compartmentalize myself because some of my posts didn't fit here. Perhaps I'm too opinionated or whatnot what but the BRG are a peaceful lot and the blog is peaceful - like snow - if you want to run with the metaphor theme. I love all of the ladies and don't want to ever cause any hurt feelings because of anything I post. SO my solution? A new blog. There were also some things that I started a long, long time ago on my website. You can take a peek for yourself - - that I abandoned--author and publishing folk interviews and that sort of thing and I'd really like to start doing them again (I believe that Grace is even interviewed from way back when!) Why not give myself that kick in the pants?

So check it out and let me know what you think! I'm very open to opinions and new ideas for the blog right now. And if you're an author, illustrator, editor, designer, bookseller, teacher, librarian, or other children's publishing industry person and would like to be interviewed, let me know!

One topic for next week will be e-books. I'm just itching to say a few new things that I've found out about them.


Libby Koponen said...

I love your new blog.

Why don't you add it to the list of links at the right?

Also did you know that the link on this post doesn't work?

alvinaling said...

Meghan--love the blog, too! Look forward to participating in the discussion. FYI, I made it a hyperlink, and also added your blog to the right where the rest of our personal blogs are. And I fixed the article link!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Thanks guys! We'll see how long I can keep it up....

Anonymous said...

I truly hope it'll be YOUR blog with fresh new voices and faces. Where your frankness and honesty will elicit frank and honest responses in return. The list of topics you mentioned should bring about spirited discussion instead of tacit agreement.