Friday, January 07, 2011

Not All Princes Are Cut from the Same Cloth: An Original Fairy Tale Poem

A few weeks ago I posted Fairy for Hire, an original poem from my unpublished collection Excerpts from the Fairy Tale Files. Today, I have another poem from the same collection.


“Yoohoo, Rapunzel! It’s your prince
With a gallon of Supreme Crème Rinse…
A gift for you, my lady fair,
To bring out highlights in you hair.
Oh hark! Rapunzel, listen, dear.
There’s something urgent you must hear.
I cannot climb your golden braid.
I’ve vertigo and I’m afraid
Of falling from the tower top—
At least a fifty-five-foot drop!
I just might break my royal bones.”

Rapunzel, in the tower, groans.
“Alas, I’ll live here all my life.
How will I marry? Be your wife?
You’re just a chicken! How did I
Get stuck with such a coward? WHY?
Sleeping Beauty’s prince is brave,
Prevails through hazards just to save
His dozing damsel in distress.
YOU give me crème rinse? I’m depressed.
Now show some gumption or I’ll be
A prisoner for eternity.
Unless you free me from this jail,
No one will write our fairy tale.”


At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original fairy tale letter poem titled My Dear Little Red.
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fourth musketeer said...

Thanks for sharing! Very witty, and timely, with Tangled out in the theaters. I just saw it the other day, and I think actually the HAIR was the star of the movie, not any of the characters! I've often wondered how she washed her hair...

I enjoyed the film but the original version is SO much better, with the magical lettuce, out-of-wedlock pregnancy, evil witch scratching out the prince's eyes, redemption through Rapunzel's tears, etc.!

Sarah said...

Heee! Very good, I like it. :) When fairy-tales collide with real life.

Kate Coombs said...

Can't decide which I like better: the creme rinse or the vertigo!