Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The fall sale on Saturday was a lot of fun as usual; the main street that runs through the RISD campus was blocked off for the day and filled with alumni selling their wares. Both Grace and I had a table and sold prints as well as books. Below is my new display all set up. Sadly it did not last long before we had to take it down, the sale was hit with 30 mph gusts in some spots that send many a book flying down the street! Thankfully Libby was on hand to help me hold things down (quite literally). We didn't have it as bad as some folks though, not the day to be a glass blower. Every so often the crowd was silenced by an explosion of shattering glass. Yikes!

I will have many of these new prints in my Etsy shop, stay tuned!


Libby Koponen said...

It WAS fun. And I love my prints and so does everyone who's come into the house. Thank you.


Meghan McCarthy said...

Wow, you have a peg board and everything!