Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to work

Happy new year friends!

Nothing like a nice long stretch of time away from the studio to recharge your batteries. I spent the past couple weeks traveling to Virginia and St. Louis visiting family (and their dogs- note the sleigh bells on their collars). There was so much to do with shopping and logistics that I actually managed to forget about work for a few days and think about other things (though I am not a fan of rampant consumerism in general).

About half way through though I started to get antsy and feel like something was missing... I laughed when I read Meghan's post about not being capable of relaxing because I think I am the same... I like the IDEA of relaxing, and plopped on a hot beach for a few days I can usually manage to forget just about everything, but it takes a lot. By the time I got back this weekend I couldn't wait to paint again, whenever I question if I'm doing the right thing I guess the solution is to just stop and see how I feel. Usually the urge comes back twice as strong.

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Meghan McCarthy said...

Anna, I'm glad i'm not the only one! It's the creative curse.