Tuesday, January 02, 2007

no resolutions for me

(the photos throughout were done after I wrote my "bored" comment on the blog while visiting the family. I need to keep busy so I carry the camera with me. I was going for spooky night theme. I'm putting these photos on here because the blog is better with pictures. When I have the time I'll put the whole series on my website.)

As I'd mentioned before, I have some book talk to do here that's past due. I'll do that soon. Right now I need some help. I'm working on yet another nonfiction book for kids called Astronaut Handbook. This book will tell kids how they can become an astronaut, what it's like to be one, etc (yes I'll answer the bathroom question!)

I want this book-to-be to look like a handbook... whatever that looks like. I keep thinking about the Worst Case Scenario handbooks but those are jokes. Do any of you know of any serious ones that I might use as models? Throw them all at me now! I need to get going!

On another topic this is the first of the new year. This is the day people start listing their new year resolutions. I, for once, don't have any. I'm trying the best I can. I'm perfect, gosh darn it! No, no, I'm really not at all. My biggest issue is my lateness. I'm late for EVERYTHING. I suppose I should work on that but I don't want to commit just yet. This brings me to a question--can artistic people get away with more bad behavior--lateness, dressing down, etc?

And now, for now particular reason, I will list the best "thinking" spots.

1) the bathroom. NOT while I'm sitting on the toilet. I'm talking about just standing in any bathroom--it's the quiet spot. The lighting is different. Perhaps this is why I'm late for things. I stand in front of the mirror and "dry" my hair while actually dreaming up new stories

2) Trying to fall asleep.

3) While driving -- I suppose I shouldn't try to write while driving in traffic but whatever...

4) the subway when I'm not in a rush to get somewhere and I have my headphones on

Those are my "spots." What are yours?


p.s- did anyone listen to my audio version? Should I package it with a nice CD and pamphlet? Have I gone too far and should stick to what I do best?

pps- I'm speaking this thursday at the GAG in NYC. It's free so stop by! Of course I'm not AT ALL prepared. I shouldn't take on things I know I don't have time to prepare for!


Elaine Magliaro said...


Congratulations to you! You must be thrilled that ALIENS ARE COMING! is a finalist for a Cybil Award.

Anna Alter said...

I love the photos Meghan, especially the first one, really spooky and great!

Just listened to the broadcast, its fab! My favorite part is your narration, its kid friendly and your tone matches the music really well.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photos! Some of them have a Blair Witch feel to them, especially the one with the house. I'm no photgrapher (a few of my friends are), but I would say that you've definitely got a great eye!

Anonymous said...

Is GAG the Graphic Artist's Guild?

They used to (do they still?) produce an attractive handbook. I liked the size and shape (tall and narrow) and the covers used to be attractive as well.

Good luck with your talk!


Meghan McCarthy said...

Yes, Graphic Artist Guild. They still make the handbook I think.

Thanks all on the comments about the photos... and Elaine on the Cybils. I really don't want to get my hopes up though. I prefer to be pleasantly surprised.

I'm serious about the photography to some degree. In school I thought about making that my major. Some days I wonder what I would be doing right now if I did go that route.


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the music and photos.

Don't know if this is at all what you had in mind for handbooks, but The American Girls (and Boys) Handy Books are fun to look at. They are from the end of the 20th century, reprinted by Godine.

Anonymous said...

Meghan- my best thinking spot/time is also trying to fall asleep, and/or attempting to wake up. For handbooks, try to hunt up a vintage Boy Scout manual!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meghan! Where did the Alien's audio go?
Will it come back?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Aliens on audio got removed by google because it's not a video. My intention was to put some images on there but I haven't had the time. Arg! I'll figure something out soon.

Rita said...

For some reason, a lot of story ideas come to me when I'm waiting for a crosswalk signal to change.