Monday, January 22, 2007


I didn't even notice that Cindy Lord won an honor for rules! Congrats Cindy!!!

(cindy is part of my crit group and I'm so happy for her)


Agyw said...

It's SOOO WONDERFUL! Not only did RULES win a Newbery Honor, but also the Schneider Family Award!

Meghan, I'm conflicted about the Caldecott (I'd sure take one if it was ever offered, lol), but the people who judge the awards are NOT artists or have art training per se. Perhaps it's a great gauge of what the reading public responds to, or some other visceral, hard-to-define aspect of illustration, but I wish there were an equally respected award from ILLUSTRATORS as well.

Congratulations on all of YOUR success in the last year, it's well-deserved.


Franki said...

I was happy to see RULES on the list too. Very deserving! Loved the book:-)


Anonymous said...


There is a picture book illustrator's award that is judged by illustrators -- The SCBWI Golden Kite Award gives separate awards for both the writing and illustrating of books. (as compared to the Caldecott which is just for the illustration.)

It doesn't get the press that the ALA awards do -- but as of this past year, all Golden Kite winners get money as well as the little gold Kite.

-a nonfiction writer who judged the SCBWI Golden Kite's nonfiction award one year.

Agyw said...

Thank you Anon! I completely spaced it. Or it was my understanding that the Golden Kites were judged by children's writers and illustrators, not to knock it, though. I've had a couple of acquaintenances and friends win, so you'd think I'd be a bit more certain. Another award I'd love if it had a higher showing is the Charlotte Zolotow award. In so many ways, PBs are part and parcel, perhaps another award would be to recognize BOTH the story and the visuals and how they work together. Okay, now, I'm just thinking of more awards.

I love that Cindy gives tiaras out for her book babies and friends' achievements. I hope the Newbery win doesn't take us out of the Dollar Store-- though I actually know the answer to that one. She's one of the most genuine people you'd ever want to meet (along with Mona Pease and a few others). Her gift of words and storytelling really are an extension of her worldview and full heart.

I wish awards didn't mean anything to me, and I guess in some ways it could be argued that they don't (I won an "award" in kindergarten which I promptly traded for a beautiful bottle of cosmos-blue ink. I just couldn't resist and my mother was chagrined and grounded me). But it's wonderful when you recognize something and you're vindicated by other's recognition of a piece or work.