Monday, January 01, 2007

Thank You!

On this first day of 2007, I would like to send my thanks to the following people—many of whom are bloggers I have never met face to face.

Thanks to the Blue Rose Girls—Grace, Alvina, Anna, Libby, Meghan, and Linda—for inviting me to be a regular contributor to their great blog.
Thanks to Grace for being such a good friend and for all her support.
Thanks to Janet Wong for her advice and encouragement.
Thanks to Kelly Herold and Anne Boles Levy for the Cybil Awards. I appreciate all the hard work they undertook in organizing the nominating panels and judging committees and in providing the Cybils with such a great website.
Thanks to Kelly Herold again. Big A little a is often the first blog I visit every morning. Her list of links to other wonderful children’s literature blogs is like a treasure map on the Internet.
Thanks to Betsy for A Fuse Number 8 Production—one of the first children’s literature blogs I came across last year. It helped hook me on blogs. Hmmm…I wonder: Should I thank her for that?
Thanks to the four bloggers who served on the Cybil poetry nominating panel with me: Wordswimmer, Farm School, Seven Impossible Things (Eisha), and Poetry for Children. It was great to find other individuals who share my passion for children’s poetry. I enjoyed the in-depth and thought-provoking email discussions we had about poetry.
Thanks to Susan at Chicken Spaghetti for taking charge of the Cybil poetry panel and for getting its members off to a good start. Thanks to Susan, too, for her excellent blog.
Thanks to Three Silly Chicks, Journey Woman, and Book Buds for their great contests in 2006. I enjoyed submitting entries. It was fun. I hope they’ll hold more contests in 2007!
Thanks to Gregory K., The Big Fibber, for welcoming me to the blogging world and for writing all those clever Oddaptations.
Thanks to all the other wonderful children’s literature bloggers—too numerous to mention without fear of leaving someone out—who spend their time writing about children’s books. You have been an excellent resource for me.
Thanks to all of you who have left comments at my posts at Blue Rose Girls. I appreciate your thoughts and responses. Writers always hope they will find an audience for their writing. Your comments let me know that some of you have taken the time to read what I have written.
Thanks to Pat Purdy, owner of the Banbury Cross Children's Book Shop in Wenham, Massachusetts--and to her two able assistants, Gwen and Diane. I know I can always trust their advice and suggestions. They love and read children's books. (Both Pat and Gwen are former children's librarians.)
Thanks to my wonderful husband (the fellow with the white beard sitting next to Grace in the last picture) of thirty-seven years who never once asked me: Do you have to spend so much money on children’s books? Don’t you think you already have enough kids’ books? Can’t you find a better way to spend your money? Shouldn’t you put a little more money aside for your old age? Thanks for understanding my passion for children's literature.

Thanks again, everyone…and Happy New Year!


Greg Pincus said...

And Elaine -- thanks to you for sharing your love of poetry. It's infectious, I tell ya (plus I've learned a ton of books from you already)! I know I'm glad you're in the blogosphere, and I look forward to many crossing of paths in 2007.

Happy New Year!

Grace Lin said...

you're welcome...and thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

ditto what Grace said!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful insights into poetry... and children's books... over these past few weeks. It was a pleasure serving on the panel with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Elaine! It was a lovely experience serving on the Cybils poetry committee with you. I, too, hope we can meet one day - we're in the same state, after all, so how hard can it be?

Anonymous said...

Awww! Thanks, Elaine!! You made my day. Happy 2007 to you and the Blue Rose Girls!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Elaine, and Happy New Year to you and the other BRGs!

Anonymous said...

What a nice post. Thank you, Elaine! Happy 2007 to you and all the Blue Rose Girls.

Anonymous said...

Elaine, it's such a pleasure reading your posts. You put so much thought and care into them!

Anonymous said...

What a nice post! Happy 2007 to you. I especially liked the part about your husband never asking if you spend too much on books. That's a keeper!