Sunday, March 18, 2007

another short

Here's a fun one. This was for the intro of a film festival. My friend Julia did the square with the scuba diver. As I recall, she didn't get a lot of sleep for a while and was kind of a stress case... but it came out awesome! You must watch the whole thing and then watch each individual box.

This is what Will Krause said about it-- "Nine characters race off to the animation festival, with paths that cross along the way. Animated by Andy Kennedy, Fran Krause, Linda Beck, Mike Overbeck, Sean McBride, Aaron Zisman, Chris Siemasko, Erin Kilkenny, Julia Sarcone-Roach, and Max Porter. more at"

Awesome. Inspiring. This kind of film gives me some good book ideas.


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alvinaling said...

That's amazing. And I love how they all overlap. Wow!