Tuesday, March 06, 2007

far far away

It's Wednesday here in Hong Kong and that means it is my day to post. I've been doing most of my travel blogging on my personal blog, but I thought I'd share this experience for those who don't read that.

I'm doing school visits here at the Hong Kong International School, an enormous English speaking school on the mountain. This is their library:

which I just thought was so neat. The kids made all those bugs!

As I was wandering around, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the magazine rack:

because, low and behold! There was fellow bluerosegirl Linda! Linda had been featured in a magazine in the States and it had made its way here, all the way to Hong Kong. WOW! She's an international cover girl.

What's even neater is that the HKIS library has a lot of books by my author friends (I'll post picts & details later). It's something I never really thought about when I make a book-- where will your book end up? It might travel far far away and touch a child on the other side of the world.


Anonymous said...

Wow, there's Linda! How funny is that?

Keep posting Grace! I'm not on vacation but if you talk enough about yours I'll feel like I am.


gail said...

Meghan is right, it's the next best thing to being on your own vacation! Love seeing all the sites!