Thursday, March 01, 2007

websites for books

I created a website for ALIENS... which still isn't finished! Now for some stupid reason I've decided to do another for my soon-to-be-published book City Hawk.

There's nothing on it yet but an image and the words "coming soon."

What I didn't realize is that a domain redirect would cost 120 a year! Yikes! I thought it was free but it's not. It's easier for me to direct the domain name to my current site than to make a whole new one. But is it worth it? Is a specific site for a book important or is it just as good to have a book page on an existing site?

I don't know the answer but perhaps I'll find out in time. I must say that Kirkus Reviews commented on the Aliens site and they might not have if it was part of my regular one. The Aliens website also got a review here-- - for cookie mag.

Some maybe it is worth it to make separate websites for books. Who knows. Something to think about for you authors out there.


p.s - a great example of a site for a book is - go jarrett!

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alvinaling said...

Looks great, Meghan!

You can check out for another example, too.