Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Book release party!

Yup, the Strong Man party is a go. It also got its first starred review from Kirkus!

The party will be Saturday June 9th (if this date changes I will announce it here ASAP) in the evening, starting around 8 or 9. The location and other info will be listed soon.

Things it will have:
A giant strong man cutout... the kind you put your face in... to get your pictures taken
an amazing strongman cake! (yup, I'm putting lots of pressure on my pal Julia)
the best music ever
videos to watch, which will be projected (if you have any great ideas for crazy videos, let me know!)
A BBQ - hamburgers, hot dogs, etc
lots of beer and wine and soda for the anti-alcohol types
some other things that I haven't come up with yet (ideas?)

Mark your calendars! Someone suggested the tagline for my books should be "not your grandmother's non fiction" or something like that... well, this party isn't for grandma either.



Grace Lin said...

You should have protein shakes too!And other muscle building food. Maybe an arm wrestling competition?

Congrats on the star from Kirkus! That was fast for a review. I haven't recieved any for Lissy's Friends, and it was out sooner than yours. Hmm, maybe I have and they are bad so my publisher is hiding them from me...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Meghan!

How about adding some Power Bars to the mix?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Hmm... power bars and protein shakes are kind of expensive! How about donuts instead? same thing, right?


alvinaling said...

How about bananas?

Maybe you can get Power Bars donated, to sponsor your party. That would be great.

Anna Alter said...

Maybe we could just all wear animal print leotards or workout wear from the 80's?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Ha. I thought of having a bathing suit contest and playing 70s Jane Fonda videos against the wall.