Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is your tween dressing to sexy?

That's what I saw written on the screen on the Dr. Phil show. Does anyone see a typo?

This brings me to the question--am I becoming a snob? Am I expecting too much perfection? Do people expect perfection from ME? I'm the queen of typos so I hope not!

I didn't post today as of yet because I was busy getting tape on my back... again. This time my shoulders are taped. I vacillate between being extremely frustrated by the tape (trust me, it's irritating!) and amused. I mean, I'm walking around with a giant X on my upper back. It's kind of silly... isn't it? I'm going running tonight. Can I run with tape on my back?

I really have no good reason for posting the tape thing... other than life is a constant work distraction... and work is a life distraction. It's super when I can do work and think about work when I'm supposed to and vice versa.

So every Sunday I've decided is my RELAXATION DAY. I need one day for myself damn it! Soon I won't be able to take the relaxation day because Astronauts is due and now... gasp... so is Seabiscuit? Again? Two books at once? I swear, I'm trying not to feel bad for myself but I do a little. Poor, poor pathetic me. Anyway, so... sundays... relaxation days. On these days I start the day off with a nice TV watching stint. Because of this I have stumbled upon something wonderful. On Channel 13 in NY they have been playing Uta Hagen's Acting Class in the early afternoon. Now, I am not an actor. I will never be an actor (I don't think) but yet I find it absolutely fascinating! If you can watch it at least once please do. Uta Hagen is a genious. She's so perceptive. She notices little nuances that make humans human. I'm sure you're thinking this is yet another rambling segment that has nothing to do with books... and it sort of is... but not exactly. Being perceptive is important as an author. Obviously. Especially as a novelist you have to know your characters--the little things is what will make them individuals. Therefore I highly recommend watching this program. It will get you thinking. It will inspire you!


Anna Alter said...

Ooo, that is fascinating! I love watching people who are masters at what they do.

Libby Koponen said...

So fascinating that I'm signing up for cable! (I haven't had it since I've lived here.)

btw I also have started a one-day-a-week work free....and computer free, too. Don't even turn it on.

My productivity has increased, not declined.

I liked this post a lot!

Libby Koponen said...

PS Absolutely not too snobbish! It's one thing to make typos on blogs and emails, but that show rakes in a ton of money and their words are read by millions of people, it's not too much to expect them to hire a few people who know English!!! It just shows that they don't care about the English language.

And if it's snobbish to care how English is written and spoken, then I'm an unashamed snob.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that this acting class relates. I am planning to order the DVD from Netflix. Thank you for the introduction.

It's observation of behavior and movement and how it expresses feeling that is so important for the resonance of a story and the illustrations for that story.


tanita✿davis said...

Exactly! If cringing that a typographical error is being aired on national television is being a snob, then color me snobbish, too...

tanita✿davis said...

(not to mention that it should have been "too sexily," but our "think different" world is not too hot on adverbs.)

J. L. Bell said...

Proper spelling is a moral issue. After working as an editor for a while, I can't help feeling that way.

Not that we don't all have small moral failings from time to time.