Wednesday, May 16, 2007

celebrate with me!

I've been having a lot of personal drama in mia casa which has finally come to a happy and hopeful conclusion (or beginning). So, more than ever I have lots to celebrate at my party this Saturday! It's now a Birthday, Book, Boston Blogger, & Bon Voyage Party! How's that for alliteration?

It's going to be great--the Horn Book is going to try to podcast parts of it(I have a secret desire to spike the punch and have them record scandalous drunken gossip), the books and dolls probably will be there (though that has not been confirmed, I guess I scheduled a bit too close to the release date--things aren't really released on the release date, did you know that?), and I am making chocolate rats (in honor of The Year of the Rat, the ARC I'm putting in the bags) and blue chocolate roses (in honor of my girls here) for the goodie bags (though I may give up after a while and just start filling with M&M's).

So, you're coming right? You must be, because I have 98 who RSVPed yes! I better start making cupcakes.

P.S.: Some people have asked me if they could bring anything; but for my birthday, in lieu of gifts,I'd love a donation to Robert's Snow/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. There will be a donation tin at my party for your convenience, as well as the raffle for the original painting (I'll pick the winner at around 3:00 pm). If you are only coming in spirit, I'd be extremely thankful for this present.


Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh man, Grace, now I really feel bad that I can't come! I want to so much! I'm afraid I'll get fired if I call out. Mr. Boss Man is on an angry rampage as of late, or so I've heard.


gail said...

Wishing you a happy birthday and a happy book launch! Wish I could come. I do have a "birhtday present" review of your book posted on my blog today!