Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm in Toronto now...

I apologize for this abbreviated post. I realize I've been horrible about blogging, although mainly on my personal blog. I've been busy with the office move, traveling, and playing catch-up at work. Right now I'm in Toronto (my first time here!) for the International Reading Association conference. I arrived last night in time to have dinner at a nice French Bistro with two colleagues. This morning I'm meeting poet J. Patrick Lewis for breakfast before heading over to man the booth at the convention center for the morning. I hope to have more to report later this week or by next Monday.

Toronto is beautiful. If you're here at the convention, drop by the booth and say hi! Tony Abbott arrives today, Peter Brown tomorrow. Alice Hoffman and Marc Brown are also here today. Come to their signings!


Lisa Yee said...

Hi Alvina, it was fun seeing you today!

Adrienne said...

Ha I found your blog! Okay I know you gave it to me on a business card, but then my internet went down and I went to the library only to discover that I had left the card at home. So with my amazing googling prowess I did a quick search and voila!

Glad you like Toronto, I am quite fond of it myself! Had a lovely time hanging out last night, and I hope Pete's signing went well!

Did you check out Queen West and China Town in the end?

all the best,