Thursday, May 31, 2007

randmom stuff

Oops, my time to post again. I have such a crappy cough and it won't go away! It's very distracting.

Anyway, first thing-- the "directions" part on my Strong Man party page is now up.

Second--please throw out some favorite finger foods that you would like to eat at the party to be. I only like to eat chips and donuts so I'm not too good at picking stuff out.

Third--on to book talk. I THINK my book, which was once called The Astronaut Handbook, will now be called Astronaut Handbook. Why? Well, it's a funny thing. Sometimes there's just no room for the "the." This is what happened with my handbook. The designer, try as she may, couldn't find room for it on the cover. Believe me, I'm good at voicing my opinion, so if I thought there was a solution I would have stated it. But there really isn't room. In my own version that I gave her I left out the "the" unintentionally... I guess because there wasn't room. I mean, there IS room but it doesn’t' look all nice and design like. I'm sure this may be a bit confusing and I wish I had the cover to show you but I don't. Perhaps I'll see if I can obtain it.

I have one other thing to talk about... and this is disorganization and the quest to reverse it. I've had plenty of time lately to flip through those lovely designer magazines while at work and I've seen a lot of cool stuff--laptop bags, keychain holders, office neatening tricks... and so I thought it would be fun to have a little segment on products here on the BRG. I don't have time just yet to start this off but perhaps I shall find a moment later tonight to show you some of my favorite finds.

Stay tuned!


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